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Mission Earth eV

We support MISSION ERDE eV

Every year around this time of year we do the NOORLYS BLUE WEEK, in which we draw attention to very important environmental projects and organizations! According to the motto save & donate, our support request this year fell on MISSION ERDE ev, whose co-founder Robert Marc Lehmann comes from our hometown of Kiel.

For every order during Blue Week we donated 2.00 euros to Mission Erde eV and are overwhelmed.

Together we made 8056 euros 💙.

MISSION EARTH - Let's save the world together.

Our mission is to preserve the unique biodiversity on our planet, to actively protect habitats and to inspire as many people as possible for the beauty of nature. This results in the will to receive them.

'Mission Earth eV' wants to create awareness for nature, animals and sustainability, but also to get actively involved – where there is a fire!

To this end, 'Mission Earth' is active in various conservation projects all over the world and supports local environmental protection organizations as well as individuals who fight locally to preserve a species or habitat. We support, for example, through active engagement, local missions, school programs and financial aid. Because only together we can make a difference!


What does MISSION EARTH do?

Our club DNA is not only listed in the statutes, it is deeply rooted in all of us. The basic purpose of the association is to promote environmental, nature and animal protection on a global level. We achieve this in different ways, for example through public relations work, active nature conservation projects in Germany, but also through undercover missions abroad.

The idea for the club by Robert Marc Lehmann

“Through my work as a marine biologist, scientific diver, photographer and filmmaker specializing in environmental, wildlife and wildlife conservation over the past two decades, I have seen the incredible beauty of our planet, but also witnessed its massive destruction and thoughtless exploitation.

Most people have already heard about climate change and the extinction of many species - but very few have seen and experienced live, on site, how animals, ecosystems and also people suffer from it... What I have learned over the years, on expeditions to distant countries learned was one thing above all:

Only when I know there is a problem can I do something about it.

That's why I've made it my task to do just that: look, act, document and report. So that something can be done!

I go where it hurts, where it burns and you see things that would otherwise have remained hidden. Every year I accompany a few local and international protection projects, people and NGOs that receive little or no support or are still in their infancy. I help with this, for example through active, professional collaboration, scientific expertise, photos, videos, films, social media campaigns, texts and the transfer of knowledge and ideas.

I have donated my time, labor and experience so far. This association now offers an opportunity to not only support projects and missions financially, but also to expand them, advance them and implement them sustainably.”

retrieve ghost nets

Protecting the oceans is particularly important to Robert. Therefore, it is a special concern for him and Mission Erde eV to free the seas from so-called ghost nets, which otherwise become terrible death traps for many animals. A particularly dangerous, complex and expensive undertaking. Every year Robert tries to salvage as many nets as possible with his Submaris dive team. He supports both the government concerned and various NGOs.

save jungle

The protection of existing, ancient and functioning ecosystems with a high level of biodiversity is particularly important and sustainable. Together with the Wilderness International Foundation, Robert regularly develops projects for the well-founded protection of primeval forests in Canada and Peru. Through this cooperation, many thousands of square meters can be protected forever. Preserving existing trees and existing habitats is even more important than planting new trees.


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