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Noorly's Logo Aminata Camara Flash Collection
We proudly present our first newcomer designer cooperation with the fashion designer Aminata Camara, 28 from Bremen. She chose the motto "Urban Meets Nature", which stands for Aminata Camara's streetwear look and our idea of ​​sustainability. A very beautiful and clear streetwear collection with simple cuts and colors, which is completely sustainably produced in Portugal from organic cotton.
Streetwear hoodie made from organic cotton HipHop style with an urban look
Hoodie hip hop crew made of organic cotton for our street style, casual hoodie sustainable and nature
Urban high quality hoodie sustainable
Street style fair fashion for women Graffiti Noorlys
Hoodie baggy oversize cut and fairly produced clothing from Portugal
T shirt streetwear made of organic cotton GOTS clothing Noorlys
Organic Casual Wear Sustainable Fashion
Streetwear Hoodie Vegan clothing by Noorlys
Chillout GOTS certified Casual Wear Urban meets nature - Sustainable
Icons Sustainable clothing produced in the EU
For Aminata Camara, fashion has always been the medium to express herself: "Fashion has no borders, you can do anything and yet it is a very precise art and that fascinated me from the beginning."
Sweater streetwear made from organic cotton GOTS clothing by Noorlys
Squad jogger hoodie street style made from organic cotton
Streetwear Hip Hop Hoodie natural organic cotton
Urban streetwear men's hoodie nature fashion Noorlys
Street style fair fashion graffiti women GOTS
Urban T Shirt Streetwear nature fashion
Urban look high quality hooded sweater sustainable textiles from Noorlys
Sweatpants hip hop casually comfortable, fairly produced street art
Urban Meets Nature - High-quality sustainable hoodie for women by Noorlys
Aminata Camara came to NOORLYS during her fashion design studies as part of an internship: "During this time I was able to gain a lot of experience and I felt seen. Then Christoph asked me if I would like to make my own capsule collection and I didn't have to think long about it".
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Urban Mens Wear Clothing Sweater fairly produced nature
Boyfriend hoodie scandinavian style ecological fashion for girls
Skate look hoodie for women POC Organic Wear by Noorlys
Sportswear men gots certified casual wear under the motto urban meets nature
Hoodies Sweat Urban Organic Fair by the Noorlys Crew
Menswear urban style sweater fair produced in Portugal - clothing
Sweat Pant Jooginghose and Hoody organic and made in Portugal
Chillout GOTS Scandinavia gots certified casual wear - Motto Urban meets nature
Urban fashion sustainable streetwear hoodies and jogging pants
Hip hop hoodie street style made from organic cotton. Urban meets nature
Organic casual wear meets sustainable fashion POC Noorlys
Hoody Outfit - Fair made clothing Oversize Hoodie by Noorlys and Aminat Camara
Urban look high-quality hoodie made from sustainable textiles by Noorlys
Urban Skate Wear Clothing - Sweaters produced fairly
Women's Sweat Pullover Baggy Oversize cut - fairly produced clothing from Portugal
Urban meets nature

Find your sustainable companion now from this limited capsule street wear collection by Aminata Camara and Noorlys:
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