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Hi, I'm Christoph and I founded the fair brand "SHISHA Clothing" 20 years ago during a surfing holiday while studying industrial design, which later became NOORLYS.

NOORLYS lives from our conviction to make the world a little better with sensible and durable products and that needs to be coordinated. So I continue to take care of the design and production of our sustainable products, oversee our communication as a brand and am there as a trainer for our media design trainees and for everyone in our crew.
I've often thought about why the world is so slow to move in a positive direction when it comes to sustainability issues. I don't want to wait for external factors to change, I want to do everything I can to make our products and production chains as sustainable as possible. And that's exactly what we can do every day as an independent brand in the way we see fit!

Frithjof says about Christoph:
Luck can always be counted on Christoph! Especially when it comes to the topic of "flat jokes", because in this area he is simply the undefeated expert!

company management


Hi I'm Anne, together with Christoph I've been doing NOORLYS, before that SHISHA Clothing for almost half my life.
Since then I've been responsible for pretty much every area, I've cleaned doorknobs, organized trade fairs, packed packages, visited dealers and filmed stories. Always with the aim of making sustainable, fair fashion at heart. NOORLYS is basically my professional life project: An affair of the heart!
I've been through all the ups and downs with NOORLYS (formerly SHISHA), but I've never lost sight of the goal, namely to make sustainable and fair fashion for everyone! Otherwise, I am the contact person, if the shoe pinches, I can be found mainly in the social media team and everywhere else!
It's just wonderful to see that we can reach so many new people on our channels and get them excited about sustainable clothing!

Louisa says about Anne:
Anne is very emphatic, funny and therefore gets along with everyone straight away!
In addition, with a VW bus, it fits into parking spaces that not even Smart drivers would dare to enter!



Hey, I'm Louisa and I'm in charge of production at NOORLYS. I am also an assistant to the management and run the back office, so together with Fine, Felix and Vanessa I take care of customer service, returns, the online shop and accounting.
I came to NOORLYS (formerly SHISHA) through my apprenticeship and didn't want to leave, so I've been there for a long time! I like how well we work hand in hand and that I am given a free hand. I really enjoy my coordinative work at many interfaces here in the company and I know that this is mainly due to the cooperation! It brings me a lot of joy to accompany production processes and to see what we can achieve!

Anne says about Louisa:
Louisa is my former trainee and now a partner in crime.
What I love about her is not only that she is the Excel goddess, no, she also enjoys it!
Our shared love for Freddie Mercury got us through some tough times and long days in camp. You are an integral part of NOORLYS!

customer service


Hi, I'm Vanessa and I'm your contact here at NOORLYS for all cases.
I am always happy to receive nice emails or calls and will be happy to help you. My work is made easier by the fact that I am given a free hand, so that I can always propose individual solutions to you. Since I am also very concerned with the topic of sustainable and conscious consumption in my private life, it is always very important to me to combine the topic of sustainability with your wishes.
I really like the fact that NOORLYS gives me the opportunity to combine my private interests with my job.

This is what Louisa says about Vanessa:
With Vanessa, we have a real friend for you in customer service, because she clarifies your questions with a lot of calmness and expertise.
Vanessa also makes sure we're always in a good mood here, because she's already put a few "banger hits" on our joint playlist in the office, which we like to sing along to at the top of our lungs.



Hi, I'm Sonja, I've been with the company since February 2019 and mainly work in product design and email and influencer marketing. In addition, I can always get involved creatively, think about projects and cooperations, am involved in the planning of image shootings, help here and there and hopefully will be there again at upcoming festivals to advise you there. I really enjoy all of this! NOORLYS combines a cool team with a great philosophy, a diverse work area, the best city (big love for Kiel!), mega production trips and a lot of fun - what more could you want?

At NOORLYS you are seen as a human being, the value of the employees is high and suggestions are always welcome! A real superpower due to the many new people who joined the team in 2022. There is never a standstill in the company. What I personally find very important, especially in the area of ​​sustainability, is that you continue to develop as a company and find creative and sustainable solutions in all areas.

Smilla says about Sonja:
You can usually recognize Sonja by the fact that she flies to the Lille brewery on her red broom, uh racing bike, with her coat flapping, to enjoy her end of work with a butter beer!



Good morning! I've been a photographer at NOORLYS since June 2021 and I'm responsible for getting the products into the online shop. I take the product pictures, as well as the shootings in the studio, take care of the post-production of the photos and look after the online shop for all aspects of this topic.

It can be challenging at times as the amount of products we order is constantly growing. But it's a nice feeling when you've done everything in the end and can admire the result!

I like working at NOORLYS because I think the sustainable idea behind the clothes is a good thing.

Louisa says about Felix:

Felix is ​​a magician because he is so good at recoloring products in Photoshop that we often no longer know whether we actually had a sample of it. He's also the perfect partner for a high school musical sing-off.



Hi, I'm Frithjof and I've been with NOORLYS for almost all film and video productions since 2020
responsible that you see on our website and our social media channels.
On the production trip that I accompanied, I was able to see how the manufacturing process works with my own eyes. It was super exciting how many small production steps it takes to get to the finished product. There's so much effort behind it.
I like working at NOORLYS so much because I think the idea and the philosophy are great and I really enjoy working in a small and friendly team.

Christoph says about Frithjof:
What nobody knows, apart from his filming, Frithjof really stands out because he is a gifted race drone pilot. Otherwise, he's kept his feet on the ground.



Hi, I'm Mats and I work at NOORLYS as deputy warehouse manager in logistics to process your orders, handle incoming goods and also serve one or the other customer in our shop. At that time I really wanted to move back from Hanover to the coast. I then came across NOORLYS via an Insta post and am now very happy to be able to work in such a friendly and familiar environment with a nice, sustainable concept.

Smilla says about Mats:
When Mats isn't sliding down skate ramps, he's practicing flying. Most of the time this works really well for kitesurfing! But sometimes the ground is there faster than you think while skating!



I'm Tina one of the camp fairies (including the boys, of course), dashing through the aisles, processing your orders and packing them with lots of love! When I was over 40, I wanted to do something again that I really enjoy. Then there was this stair talk with my previous employer about NOORLYS and I thought everything about it was perfect!

Watching the development of a fashion label with this idea of ​​sustainability, the super human interaction with each other and a boss who is so 100% behind the cause is just great!

Smilla says about Tina:
It is not without reason that there is a small disco ball hanging in the warehouse! Because with Tina, the little dance breaks bring to Nina Chuba and co. + Disco lighting always extra fun!



Hii, I'm Jessi and I started here at the NOORLYS warehouse in January 2023. So I'm also responsible for getting your order to your home as quickly as possible and I and my colleagues take care of everything else that has to do with logistics! Before that I worked in sales. However, I was missing a healthy work-life balance and I am now very happy to have found a comfortable workplace here with a cool working atmosphere!

Smilla says about Jessica:
Jessi definitely has some Pipi Langstrumpt blood in her, because she lifts full boxes of clothes onto the packing tables with ease and is almost as fast as Speedy Gonzales!


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